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Summer Stories: "Don't give up"

Sara Menendez, elementary school principal and long time New North attendee introduces us to her Belle Air community and the joys and challenges that come with her job.

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One Year Bible Daily Devos

Summer Stories: Creating Space

Whether it be by playing pickleball or fishing, Jon uses every hobby and career as a ministry to intentionally meet other people's needs.

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Summer Stories: "Do not be afraid"

New North Administrative Director Crystal joins McKenna to talk about how loving those in the inner city has grown her faith and heart.

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Summer Stories: Serving for the long game

"Kids can tell a phony from a mile away so you have to be real." McKenna sits down with AJ to learn more about her ministry with Young Life and how God transforms hearts when serving is paired with obedience and authenticity.

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Summer Stories: Created for Community

During a Sunday Service, Kevin C. shared his testimony as an encouragement that we’re not meant to live life alone. In fact, we were created for authentic community.

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Hidden Hope: In All Things...

When you see the news about the war in Ukraine, have you wondered how or if God is involved? Have you ever struggled with trusting God when he doesn’t seem to be present or active in your life? Have you ever had things come together that were “coincidental” and you thought, “Man, is this God?” What we see in Esther is what we often see in our own lives, a God of providence. A God who is always working with his hidden hand.

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One Year Bible - April 2

Today is the last of our Daily Devotionals, and my how I will miss this! We started this devotional as an attempt to keep our church rooted in God’s word, encouraged to persevere through the challenges of COVID, and to give everyone opportunities to love and serve the people around them.

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