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One Year Bible - March 8

I don’t know about the rest of you, but after a year of pandemic life, the image of a barely flickering candle describes me pretty well some days. It’s not that I’m actually suffering. I’m just worn out.

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One Year Bible Daily Devos

One Year Bible - March 5

Matthew 10 is about Jesus sending out his 12 disciples and commissioning them to go to the Jewish people to tell them The Kingdom of Heaven is near. Jesus told the disciples that it wouldn’t be easy. Some would receive the message and others would reject it. The main thing Jesus told them was not to worry or be afraid.

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One Year Bible - March 4

In our world today, we have multiple conundrums that are taking place in our daily lives. Webster’s Dictionary defines a conundrum as an intricate and difficult problem. As a country, we face problems for which no one seems to have an answer.

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One Year Bible - March 3

After years in the field of legislative advocacy, I retired with a special appreciation for the paradoxical nature of LAW. Because in theory, it guides us toward the perfect “human community” that God originally envisioned for us; but in reality, it shines a ruthless spotlight on our constant failure to achieve it.

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One Year Bible - March 2

A lot of us are just exhausted and feel like we have very little left to give in the midst of all of the uncertainty many of us have experienced over the last 12+ months. In many ways, all of the events over the last year have caused many of us, including myself, to take a closer look at our lives...

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One Year Bible - March 1

You probably heard Christians say that if you have enough faith, your prayers will be answered. Or if we really believe and have strong faith, God can accomplish his purposes. The implication is if we don’t possess a certain amount of faith, God will not answer our prayers or we will hinder the work of God in us.

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One Year Bible - February 26

I love how God works. Of all the commands He so generously gives in the Gospels, His explanation of, “Do Not Worry” (Matt. 6: 25-34) is the most convicting to me. It seems to me, that’s all I do, and have done for as long as I can remember is worry.

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