Summer Stories: Creating Space

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Summer Stories with New North is a month-long series featuring people at New North Church who are exemplifying what it means to love and serve those around them. 

Jon, a longtime volunteer with Student ministries and now currently in Men’s Ministry sits down with Mckenna and shares his story of how he was never good in school, but it was the relationships and hobbies formed over the years that lead him to be intentional about being the hands and feet of Jesus to others.

Here's a snippet from their conversation: 

Jon: Ministry really looks like to me right now is trying to be relational with people. My main activities right now are fishing and pickleball, I play in Foster City and I meet a lot of people… It’s fun serving them in terms of teaching them how to play pickleball and trying to be relational with them.
McKenna: Some of the relational part of it is creating availability for people. I know you bring people to church all the time. I know personally from just hearing stories about you and from you that you develop deep relationships with people and pursue them. Part of the way that happens is because you actually create space in your life for that to be possible. 
I know for fishing you take people fishing with you, and they’re just on the boat with you all day and you can talk about all kinds of stuff. How did you get here? How did you get to the point where you see your life as a ministry? 
Jon: That’s a great question, but it’ll take hours to get into that, but we’ll try to give you the cliff notes version. It started as a student who flunked as a senior in high school… 

Watch the full conversation with Jon in the media player below.