Gratitude in the Garden of Hope & Love

Post Written by
Missy Hall

Our team had the opportunity to serve alongside our Honduran partners with Footsteps last month and we are forever changed. After the trip, we gathered and shared all the ways that we’ve been impacted and it mostly boiled down to this: Gratitude!

One teammate shared that she admired the faith of the kids she met at the Garden of Hope and Love. Many kids had to travel far just to come to school and their trust in God was remarkable.

Each day we joined the kids and teachers for a simple lunch of rice and beans made by the mamas - their only meal each day. They bowed their heads with sincere thankfulness and ate and talked and played with such cheerfulness! We visited their homes, small cement dwellings, often with 4 to a bed. When we asked how we could pray, the response was “Thank God for our health to get to work each day”. Such a great reminder as we return home to be grateful for the everyday things we take for granted: clean water, cars, beds, jobs and meals.

“God took a group of strangers, gelled us, and now we’re best friends. It didn't matter if you couldn’t speak Spanish or do a certain skill, it’s if you had an open and willing heart.” - Ceci Johnson