One Year Bible - January 20

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Hannah Gallagher | Rejoice in Repentance

Scriptures to read:
Luke 15; Genesis 27:1-45; Psalm 20

In Luke 15 we find Jesus explaining three parables to the crowds. The parable of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. After the shepherd finds his sheep, the woman finds her coin, and the father receives his lost son back into his arms, there is great rejoicing.

In the parable of the lost son, we see the father welcoming his son home with open arms and then immediately preparing a great celebration to rejoice in the fact that his son was lost but has now been found. However, the older brother is angry and does not want to celebrate with his brother. This hints at the Pharisee’s negative responses to Jesus welcoming and eating with sinners.

Church, I hope we are the kind of people that rejoice in repentance. I pray we are a church that does not look down on others based on their past or current decisions. We are all sinners. We are all in need of repentance. I pray we are a church that welcomes everyone into God’s kingdom with open arms and with a spirit of rejoicing because those who were lost have now been found.

These parables speak of God’s joy as He welcomes those into His family. These parties, the rejoicing, represent God’s celebration of those entering His kingdom. Let us join in this celebrating when more and more people are welcomed into God’s beloved family.

Memory Verse: Now this I know: the Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand. - Psalm 20:6

Prayer: Lord, let us not forget that we were once the prodigal son. You welcomed us into your kingdom with a joyous celebration. We thank you for your unconditional love despite our never ending mistakes. We repent of our sins and praise You for who You are.