One Year Bible - Day 13

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Joelle Brinkley | Draw Near

Scriptures to read:

Luke 11:29-54; Genesis 20; Psalm 13

In the last year, I have been wrestling with God. I was not wrestling with Him about larger belief questions but rather, in all honesty, centered around why my life has felt and been so hard for so long. There are times when I have felt that God is so near I could possible be sitting across a table sharing a meal with Him. Yet, often, I have felt that I am asking Him all the questions and He is not answering.
I am asking where He is during some of my deepest stronghold struggles. Where has He been when my anxiety has been on overdrive? Where has He been when our kids are still home doing school remotely? Where has He been when the God-sized dreams He has placed on my heart are still in waiting mode? Then, the question really becomes: Has He gone somewhere or have I lost my way?
With the news around us and a continued march through a pandemic, it can be hard to feel like God is near. It seems like everything around us is drawing our attention or making us question who He is and what He is doing in our lives. Can we hear Him? Are we longing for Him?
In Psalm 13, David reminds us that we need to remember who is over it all by trusting in His unfailing love and rejoicing in His salvation (Psalm 13:5). Sometimes we need to go back to the promises that God has made to His people and cheer our hearts up. This is not a call to simply positive thinking. This is a proclamation of Jesus and His finished work on the Cross. God is near. Seek His face today!

Memory Verse: "I will sing the Lord’s praise, for he has been good to me." - Psalm 13:6

Prayer:  Lord, there are many times when you have felt distant and I have not sensed your presence. I ask you to draw near to me today as I draw near to you. I long for your presence. I long for you to speak to my heart today. I remember and hold dear the promises that you have made to your people. I know that in you all things are possible and that you are near to all who draw near to you. May I place you at the center of my heart for now and for always. In Jesus name, Amen.