One Year Bible - Day 11

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Irina Coombes | I'm No Martha

Scriptures to read:

Luke 10:21-42; Genesis 18; Psalm 11

I love the current sermon series we are going through right now about the parables Jesus taught. We can learn so much! In today's story about Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 38-42), we are once again reminded about what really matters.
I've been spending a lot of time with my mom lately and she very much reminds me of of Martha. She has exceptional hosting abilities, cooks lots of food, and goes above and beyond. She's always busy preparing for something or someone. It's how she shows love. And let me tell you, the whole family loves it!
I'm not like my mom in that regard. Let's just say I don't belong in the kitchen. My idea of a good time is hot tea and a pastry in hand (that I purchased because I burned the batch I did attempt!), and hanging out in the living room with friends either talking or playing a board game. Hosting a community group, Super bowl party, or Christmas party is one of my favorite things to do.
One year, I spent the entire Super bowl in the kitchen. I missed the game, the commercials, the conversations. I missed it all because I was busy.
What else was I missing because I was "busy"? How many God moments and opportunities was I missing because I was left to do the work by myself?
As this new year approached and I was making goals for 2021, I reflected on my life and made goals that were simple and that involved being present with my parents, sisters, kids, and most importantly, God. I was so busy working on other things last year, I forgot to stop and take a breather. Life was always go, go, go. I went for months without taking a Sabbath....and it took a toll.
I don't know where you are today, but I encourage you to pause and think of one person you can reach out to. Identify that one person who you have not been able to make time for. Maybe it's Jesus you need to reach out to. Take a few minutes and reach out. I bet it will be worth it.

Prayer: God, I pray that you send me at least one person who I can encourage and make smile today. I pray that my busyness no longer controls me and that I take every opportunity to be present and engaged. Being worried and upset about many things is just not working out anymore. Help my focus to be on the one thing that does matter.