One Year Bible - April 1

Post Written by
Irina Coombes | Handle It...Like a Boss

Scriptures to read:

Matthew 25:1-30; Numbers 30-31; Job 1

"Comparison is the thief of joy" has been a favorite quote of mine for many, many years. As a young girl, I compared myself to those around me. My family immigrated here from Moldova and there was a time we didn't have a lot. My parents came to this country and each worked two jobs (at one point, my dad had 3!), and my sisters also started chipping in as soon as they were teenagers. For several years, it was rough going as we got on our feet in a new country. 

Although we think of comparison often when it comes to materialistic things, it sunk even deeper for me. As I became older, I started comparing my talents and gifts to that of others. Why couldn't I sing? Why am I so terrible at math? Why couldn't I make cute clothes and bows for my daughter? The list went on and on...

The parable of the three servants in Matthew spoke to me one day. God gave everyone has a gift. Even if it's one or two. I started tuning in and figured out what my gifts were, what I was good at - and started cultivating them. I eventually was blessed with an amazing job, my skills expanded, and I was given more responsibilities, and was promoted. Just like the parable! 

Are you striving for more but maybe not getting what you are seeking? Perhaps a promotion, a larger house, a nice car, etc. Give your absolute best where you are today and God will bless you in due time and your cup will overflow with abundance! Be faithful and patient. Your time is coming. 

Memory Verse: To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. - Matthew 25:29

Prayer: Jesus, I thank you for your faithfulness and your abundance. I thank you for my gifts that you have given me to make me who I am today. I will continue to use them to honor you where I am in my life. You provide and never leave me stranded. In fact, you have blessed me beyond my expectations. I glorify you.