Summer Stories: Created for Community

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Summer Stories with New North is a month-long series featuring people at New North Church who are exemplifying what it means to love and serve those around them.

During a Sunday Service, Kevin shared his testimony as an encouragement that we’re not meant to live life alone. In fact, we were created for community.

“My wife and I first started attending New North in 2014, but we were what you call ‘church ninjas.’ We showed up every Sunday and would vanish as soon as the service ended. Our past churches never emphasized the importance of community."

Becoming a father pushed him to examine how he leads and why he should prioritize joining a community. 

“I came into fatherhood thinking I was going to be the teacher, no I was about to be taught. My responsibility is to show them [my kids] that love is not just a four letter word and what we say to each other. True love and how to do it comes from God. That day, I started praying for more Christ-centered relationships, and for God to open my eyes and to allow me to see and hear him while loving the people around me.” 

That’s when opportunities to lead a community group, start a book club with non-christian friends, host a bible study at work, and lead a table for New North’s Men’s Ministry opened up.

“Spiritual feeding only took place on Sundays during the message – but now in the community, that happens everyday. We're commanded to love God and each other. That means reading, reflecting, praying for each other and worshiping Jesus together. Let me tell you, Jesus, through people has shown my family and friends miracles. Our community has experienced miraculous healing, reconciled relationships, and lives being transformed. All Glory to God!"

"Not sure who needs to hear this but I encourage you to do three things; don’t just pray on your own.

1. Ask someone to pray for and with you

2. Pray that God opens your eyes and shows you how to love the people around you. Don’t just tell them. Show them love.

3. Get connected! Find a circle at"

Watch Kevin's full story in the media player below.