One Year Bible - March 25

Post Written by
Rob Eifler | God Has The Answers

Scriptures to read:

Matthew 21:28-46; Numbers 19-20; Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:14

It sure feels like it's getting harder and harder to know what we’re all supposed to be doing during this confusing season. Guidelines from the city keep changing. We were wearing 1 mask and staying 6 feet away. Now children can be 3 feet apart but we’re supposed to wear two masks. What do we do when we’re vaccinated? When can we hug again?

In today’s scripture I found some helpful reminders when trying to navigate the world we are living in.  “Banish Anxiety from your heart” was a great reminder for me to try to let all of this stress and worry go. I have read so many times in the last year in scripture the larger theme of, “don’t worry God’s got this,” yet I still don’t listen.  It's been so easy to read verses that reflect on this theme and so much harder to really understand and follow them.  

These passages have helped me to remember this when things come up and our world changes, that God is there to watch over us.  I have been working hard to look to God to help me with my stresses and anxieties.  To remember that I need to love my neighbor despite our differences or the ways that we are handling all of the change around us.  I am trying to make my ‘new normal’ looking to God for the answers instead of myself.

Memory Verse: Now all has been heard;

   here is the conclusion of the matter:

Fear God and keep his commandments,

   for this is the duty of all mankind.

For God will bring every deed into judgment,

   including every hidden thing,

   whether it is good or evil.

- Ecclesiastes 12:23-14

Prayer: Lord please help us all during this time.  Help us to remember to love our neighbor and that all of us are trying and struggling in different ways.  Please help us remember to release our anxieties to you and help us to remember you are there for us.