One Year Bible - February 19

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Mari Claire Hawkins | Our hope in Jesus Helps Us to Live Wisely

Scriptures to read:

Matthew 1; Exodus 20:1-21:36; Proverbs 9

If you have grown up in any type of biblical church setting it is likely that you’ve read the Ten Commandments before. Sometimes we face the temptation to skim over the scripture that we are familiar with. Let’s look more closely today at these verses found in Exodus 20.

These commandments are still here for our benefit today and teach us about our relationship with God and others. The first four commandments show us how deeply God loves us and desires a relationship with us. The other commandments show us how our relationships with others can honor God when we live a life that is pleasing to Him.

God knew we would one day see these commandments perfectly practiced through the life of His son, Jesus. Because of Jesus, our hope doesn’t have to be in keeping these rules, but in the One who perfected and completed them.

God gives us the book of Proverbs to help us live wisely in every area of our lives. It is a practical guide for our day to day lives. Reflect on these scriptures and ask God to help you see Him in all of your daily tasks. When we see God in the center of our lives, we are stirred to put our focus on Him and become more like Him.

Memory Verse: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. - Proverbs 10:9

Prayer: Father, I pray that no matter my circumstances that my hope will always be found in Jesus. Thank you for your invitation into wisdom. Help me to leave the simple ways that I have carried and walk in the way of insight. Thank you for being jealous for my heart - your kindness towards me leads me to repentance. Today, my focus is to listen for you in all things. I am yielded to you. Amen.