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One Year Bible - March 8

I don’t know about the rest of you, but after a year of pandemic life, the image of a barely flickering candle describes me pretty well some days. It’s not that I’m actually suffering. I’m just worn out.

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One Year Bible Daily Devos

One Year Bible - February 24

I've been so blessed by the New North devotionals since shelter-in-place started almost a year ago. So first, thank you to all who already wrote devotionals! Second, I really encourage all to continue daily digging in God's word.

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One Year Bible - February 25

We like to be seen, recognized, heralded even for our ‘good’ deeds. We live in a time where we post our proudest moments on Facebook, Instagram and even NextDoor. Yet, God reminds us that we should do our good deeds in secret.

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One Year Bible - February 23

My kids love to dumpster dive. Whether it is a completed worksheet, a random trinket they haven't touched in years or a well loved stuffed animal, they will head to the recycling bin or trash can if they cannot find what they're looking for.

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One Year Bible - February 22

I know I’m like the millionth person to complain about the difficulties of the past 12 months. But the struggle is real! As I’ve been reflecting on what has made this year particularly difficult for me personally, I think it comes down to isolation.

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One Year Bible - February 19

If you have grown up in any type of biblical church setting it is likely that you’ve read the Ten Commandments before. Sometimes we face the temptation to skim over the scripture that we are familiar with. Let’s look more closely today at these verses found in Exodus 20.

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One Year Bible - February 18

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. ”It’s kind of funny how this quote is attributed to Jimi Hendrix because there is no proof he actually said it. But not knowing its original author doesn’t take away from what it means. To be wise, you’ve got to listen. Our passage in Proverbs 8 helps make that clear in a few ways.

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