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Gratitude in the Garden of Hope & Love

We sent a GO Trip Team to Honduras this summer and here's how God was magnified during their time.

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One Year Bible Daily Devos

Hidden Hope: In All Things...

When you see the news about the war in Ukraine, have you wondered how or if God is involved? Have you ever struggled with trusting God when he doesn’t seem to be present or active in your life? Have you ever had things come together that were “coincidental” and you thought, “Man, is this God?” What we see in Esther is what we often see in our own lives, a God of providence. A God who is always working with his hidden hand.

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One Year Bible - April 2

Today is the last of our Daily Devotionals, and my how I will miss this! We started this devotional as an attempt to keep our church rooted in God’s word, encouraged to persevere through the challenges of COVID, and to give everyone opportunities to love and serve the people around them.

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One Year Bible - March 31

I grew up in a Lutheran church where we had certain routine practices. We recited the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed, and had other regular readings and liturgy. Church membership required passing a catechism test – which I had to take twice!

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One Year Bible - April 1

"Comparison is the thief of joy" has been a favorite quote of mine for many, many years. As a young girl, I compared myself to those around me. My family immigrated here from Moldova and there was a time we didn't have a lot.

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One Year Bible - March 30

It seems redundant to say, “It’s been a tough year.” I mean, really redundant. Every week life hands us another thing to grapple with in our spirits. God using these earthly bodies and sins of the world to draw us closer to Him.

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One Year Bible - March 29

Over the past few weeks, we've seen human depravity on full display with two mass shootings and new attacks and robberies targetting Asian-Americans almost every single day.

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