WORSHIP: June 2023


  • Romans 12:1-2
  • John 4:23
  • Deuteronomy 6:13-14
  • Revelation 1:12-18
  • Colossians 3:16-17


The Worship Dilemma

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Worship in the Word

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Week 1- Declare God’s worthiness

Spend 10 minutes each day this week speaking to God of his worthiness. Tell Him why He is worthy – what attributes make Him worthy? Then, tell Him what He is worthy of – how He is worthy of your time, your talents, your treasure, your awe, your mind, your heart, your soul, your career, your family, your possessions, and everything else. Be specific about what God is worthy of in your life.

Week 2- Praise the Lord through Psalm 147

This week read Psalm 147 at least once through each day, focusing on all that the psalmist praises God for. Read it out as a personal praise to God from your lips. Praise Him for all that is listed in the psalm, and all that the Spirit brings to mind through your reading of the psalm.

Week 3- Meditate on the worthiness of Jesus based on Revelation 1

In Revelation 1:12-18 we hear from John (the writer of the book), about a vision he had of the risen Jesus. It is written in symbolic language that can be confusing, but when understood rightly, helps us see the worthiness and value of Jesus. The seven lampstands represent the Church. The robe and golden sash are the clothes of a king. Hair and his voice are allusions meant to help us see Jesus as God Almighty himself. His eyes like fire can pierce through anything and see to the deepest parts of you. His feet reveal his strength and stability. The sword represents his word of judgment. And his face reveals the unapproachable power and glory of Jesus. This week, meditate on these powerful images, and worship Him.

Week 4- Find one way to worship God this week that is abnormal for you

Worship has no particular form. It is the declaration of God’s worthiness to you, and while there are some common expressions of worship, no one does scripture dictate a certain form. To put it another way, there is freedom in worship. This week, try worshiping in some ways you don’t usually do. You might find a worship song to sing by yourself or with your family. You might worship with your body through dance. You might worship through the serving of others, or worship through the giving away of your money or possessions. You might worship by revisiting one of the previous spiritual habits. Worship for you this week might be something completely different. Ask God to reveal to you what would be pleasing to him this week