• Luke 6:12-13
  • Mark 1:35
  • Matthew 26:36-46
  • James 3:1-12
  • Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
  • James 1:19


Silence and Solitude

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Week 1- Look for little moments of silence and solitude in your daily life

As with all the habits, learn to walk before you run. Where are the places in your life where you fill silence and solitude with noise and distraction? Maybe it laying in bed in the morning, or driving to work, or lunchtime, or your child’s naptime, or those first moments when you arrive home from your day. Maybe they are somewhere else. Identify where those moments are built into your life already, and spend them in silence and solitude this week. Resist the urge to grab your phone, turn on the TV, or listen to something. Experience Jesus in the silence and solitude.

Week 2- Develop a “tent of meeting”

Find or create a place where you can meet God in silence and solitude. This could be anywhere – a certain chair, a place outdoors that you go, a church building that is open to the public. Create a quiet place where you can meet with God in silence and solitude.

Week 3- Mark out time for a spiritual retreat

Take 3-4 hours (or a whole day if you can!) to focus on meeting with Jesus through silence and solitude. Get away and take time to listen to God’s voice to you.

Week 4- Try to live an entire day without words

Plan a day where you will go without speaking for the whole day. What do you notice about yourself? About those around you? How is God speaking to you through your silence and solitude?