SERVICE: September 2023


  • John 13:1-17
  • Matthew 20:20-28
  • Mark 9:30-37


WATCH: Surrender Self: Challenge to Serve

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Week 1- Serve someone in hiddenness

So much of the service done today is not done for the person you are serving, but for yourself. Service has a way of making us proud. As you begin practicing the habit of service this week, look for a couple of ways you can serve someone in your life discreetly, secretly, and anonymously. Don’t seek credit for it, from the one you are serving or from others. Simply serve someone in some way where your service to them is of real help, though it is hidden.

Week 2- Practice the service of common courtesy

In the hustle and bustle of life those with common courtesy are not only rare, but are usually seen to be weak; doormats to be stepped on. Rather than jockeying for position this week, seek to be courteous in all you do. Allow that driver to cut in, let someone else go first in line at the grocery store, smile at people, acknowledge someone’s presence whom most simply ignore, and respond quickly to people.

Week 3- Work to do the service of little things

We usually think of service in terms of big, grand acts for someone else’s good. The truth is, to answer Jesus’ call to service may include big, grand act, but most of the time it will mean choosing to be a servant in little ways, over and over again. Give someone a ride who needs it, do the dishes so your roommate or spouse doesn’t have to, take out the trash, and help a colleague. There are millions of ways this can work out. Rather than practicing “doing an act of service,” instead this week practice being a servant to those around you.

Week 4- Practice the service of hospitality and listening

Serve people this week by taking your most precious commodity, your time, and spend it on others. Welcome them into your home and into your life. Ask them questions and listen to what they have to say – not waiting to speak, but to understand them. True listening gives dignity to the other person and is an expression of great love.