CELEBRATION: October 2023


  • Luke 2:10-15
  • John 15:11
  • Galatians 5:22
  • Philippians 4:4


WATCH: You Were Made to Celebrate

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Week 1- Make some noise

Sing, dance, shout, and laugh! Celebration flows out of us. Let your careful guard down, offend your own dignity, and enter fully into the joy of the Lord. Our modern sensibilities block us from this and we use excuses like, “I am a reserved person.” A reserved demeanor, however, is no excuse not to celebrate effusively the works of the Lord in your life. Enjoy him and make some noise!

Week 2- Engage the creative gifts with imagination

Celebration happens through creativity! Go look at paintings or sculptures, or enjoy a show. Better yet, use your imagination to create something of your own. Celebrate and enjoy the living nature of the world and our minds.

Week 3- Create a celebration event

Whether it is a birthday, or holiday, or simply the end of the week, gather this week with loved ones to celebrate something! It could be a family event, or a roommate party, or just a gathering of friends. There is lots to celebrate! Pick something and make a big deal of it!

Week 4- Make plans to truly celebrate the upcoming holidays

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, make plans to celebrate it in special ways this year. Plan meals with loved ones, decorate creatively. Make the holiday season even more celebratory than you usually do. Do it up big! Even Halloween can be redeemed as a joyful, God-honoring event!