Impact Report 2022-2023

New North’s Fiscal Year is from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Note from Pastor Rob

As I look back over the past year and read our impact report, I’m incredibly grateful for the Lord’s work and your partnership with us. This year was incredible on many fronts. We continue to grow both in depth and in breadth.

In depth, we’ve taught through several very impactful sermon series from a study on the life of Jesus in Mark, to a series on anxiety and most recently, our core values. In breadth, we continue to grow, new people are engaging with us and life is coming back to our church again.

Our global and local outreach is expanding and we’ve added key people to our staff and volunteer teams. Grateful. But, it also hasn’t been an easy year either. Our Worship & Creative Pastor Tim had a major health scare, but even then, we’ve seen God’s hand in him and our church as people rallied around to support.

As we look forward to this year, I’m excited. As we lean more into our 10-year vision, I’m expectant to see how God will continue to put the pieces of the vision together. I’m eager to see how and where He will lead us. I believe strongly, He will provide multiple facilities for our expansion and kingdom growth. And I trust He will bring us all the people, resources and finances we need to accomplish the vision He’s given us. I’ll be looking for all the ways He will move. Join me in prayer and keep your eyes open for Him to move.

Grace & Peace,

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In 2023, our church will be more focused than ever to live out our core values and live out our mission of making and maturing more followers of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus welcomes all of us

When followers of Jesus gather together and encounter his presence in worship, we are deeply changed and renewed.

92 people filled out connections cards

16 people attended Next Steps

65 people on average volunteered with our ministry teams on Sundays

In the Spring, we celebrated our 243 volunteers who use their God-given talents and gifts to serve and love our church and community on Sundays and throughout the week.

Jasmine Contreras

Diving deep into this community helped me make meaningful, deep, beautiful connections with other believers who have quickly become some of my good friends. It’s been a whirlwind and I love every moment of it. God has blessed me with amazing friendships. From my community group, fellow young adults, and everyone else I’ve gotten to interact with at the church, they have pursued me and poured into me just as Jesus continues to pursue and grow me more like Him. To the moment of my baptism this past Easter 2023, I am immensely blessed to see the tapestry of my life that God has curated for me and the impact I could make at New North.


Jesus transforms us

When followers of Jesus gather together and encounter his presence in worship, we are deeply changed and renewed.

511 people on average, attended our in-person Sunday Services. Thats a 43% increase in attendance from the last fiscal year.

230 people on average, attended our Church Online Services.

9 people were baptized

Tim Drisdelle

Worship & Creative Pastor

Looking back over the last year, we have certainly experienced blessing in our efforts to build His church and to love and serve our communities well. A wave of momentum in our Sunday worship services has been consistent and noticeable. Steady attendance growth and a deepening passion for the presence of God is evident in our corporate worship expression as we gather. Our teams have been renewed with a year of expansion, including new team members and leaders stepping into place. We have also felt inward growth, mentorship and development within our Worship & Creative ministry environments and this has brought a sense of rejuvenation and purpose. If I could sum up a theme I have seen weaving throughout, it’s that we are desiring to be faithful with the little we have right in front of us, knowing that God wants to entrust us with more in the days ahead.

High School Summer Camp at Hume Lake

Camps are a powerful way to deeply connect with our Students. We have walked with them as they wrestle with their faith, while helping them navigate through these teenage years.


MSM & HSM students attended winter and summer camps


students stood up and declared their faith in Jesus Christ


students got baptized

Kevin Centinaje

Pastoral Resident - Student Ministry

This year, we have witnessed a beautiful transformation as God has been at work, forging close and meaningful relationships among our students. It's truly awe-inspiring to see our leaders actively engaging with their students, nurturing bonds that are deeply rooted in faith and compassion. These connections have allowed us to witness countless 'God Moments' in the lives of our students, moments where His presence is palpable, guiding them towards growth, love, and purpose. It's a testament to the power of faith and community, reminding us that when we come together in His name, incredible transformations can happen. I am filled with excitement as we anticipate God's continued work in moving mountains within our students, our leaders, and this ministry.

Alwin Szeto

HSM Leader

As a 29-year-old who barely knew the kids, I was initially concerned with whether or not I had any relevant experience/wisdom to offer. But through this camp, God reminded all of us that we all have our daily battles no matter our age, and the only way to fight these battles is not with our own strength, but by always remaining in Him and leaning on Him for strength each and every day.
My life has been rocked by this camp and these kids, and I strongly encourage anyone interested to definitely go and experience Hume for yourselves.

Taka Gondai

HSM - Sophomore

I can gladly say that I am now close friends with each and every one of the guys that I went with, and I hope that I will remain close friends with all of them, reminding each other of the things we learned at camp, and the importance of remaining in Christ. John 15:5 says, “If a man remains in me, and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” Apart from God, we can do nothing, and without anyone to support us it can be hard to not just fall into the temptations of Babylon. But just like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, if we stand with each other, our resolve will not easily be broken.


Jesus has authority over our lives

We work to cultivate a Jesus-centered culture that is humble, vulnerable, and submits to the teachings of the Bible

Galatians: Set Free to Live Free


IDENTITY: The Gospel According to Mark


INFLUENCE: The Gospel According to Mark


VISION: The Gospel According to Mark


REDEMPTION: The Gospel According to Mark


SACRIFICE: The Gospel According to Mark


REAL TALK: Anxiety, Worry & Fear


REAL HOPE: Easter With New North


Christmas With New North


Rob Hall

Lead Pastor

We spent the majority of the year studying the Gospel of Mark in its entirety. Here’s the main idea – Jesus is God's Son and Messiah who has all of God's power and authority. He was crucified willingly, rejected by his own people, only to be raised again so that anyone who believes in him will be saved. That’s Good News! But, here’s the question we all have to answer – will you follow Jesus, the suffering servant king, through death and into resurrection life?


Jesus is at the center of our day

Our Community Life Ministries are opportunities to help each of us develop the kinds of relationships that lead to life change and deeper faith in Jesus.


Women attend Women's Bible Study


Men attended Men’s Fraternit


Mothers participated in MOPS


Full community groups

Men’s Fraternity hosted their annual Men’s Retreat in Pacifica with 54 men coming together to worship, play sports, bond and create new friendships of all ages.

In a desire to provide spaces to connect and encourage community, we hosted 2 summer picnics with over 100 attendees at each event.

Our Young Adults Ministry has become a space for young professionals in the Bay Area to grow alongside other christians in their life stage through monthly hangouts, pastor-led discussions and a camping retreat.

Our Community Life team led four Leader Initiative Gatherings that averaged 50 leaders across all of our ministries in order to train, equip and encourage our teams. The theme of this year was “Disciple Deeper.”

We hosted our first-ever women’s brunch to kick off our new Women’s Ministry with over 70 attendees!

Our Marriage Ministry has been providing marriage and premarital counseling, couple mentorship and in the summer, they hosted our first Marriage Night to serve and love the over 40 couples who attended.

We officially commissioned Zohary Ross as our Marriage Ministry & Women’s Pastor and Jasmine Contreras as our Young Adult Deacon in order to expand our ability to love more people the way Jesus does through our Community Life Ministries.

Sam Cerdena

Kids Director

This year was one of tremendous growth. Not only were we able to expand on the types of things we did at the church, but people really showed up! With this influx of new kids and families, I am amazed and proud to see my volunteers match this growth both numerically and in their abilities and responsibilities. Through this I can accurately say that this past year was one of quantity AND quality, and I look forward to the continued growth we will experience in New North Kids as we develop right alongside our families.

Chris O.

Community Group Member

My community group has been an absolute requirement for my mental and spiritual health, as well as critical for fumbling through life as a new parent. It’s no secret we are pressed and pulled by our daily grind, and there will always be an excuse to decline gathering with my CG. However, as my life changes in its complexity and anxieties, I’m incredibly thankful to have a group of friends who have invested in me, my wife and now son. Without making our CG a priority over the last 5 years, we would feel less connected, valued and healthy. A weekly opportunity to physically meet in a home and pray, study scripture, theological commentary or just connect with fellow Christians in this strange Bay Area bubble will always be highlight to my week.

New North Middle School and High School Students Students met on Sundays and on Wednesdays for Life Groups.

11 Families dedicated their babies.

Middle School Winter Camp at Mt. Hermon

150+ people came to our Trunk Or Treat

75 kids on average joined us for New North Kids on Sundays

40 students attended our very first Vacation Bible Camp at our SF Campus

Learn how to get involved here

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We want others to know Jesus

We are committed to sharing the Gospel and serving our neighbors both near and far, so they can find and follow Jesus.

We launched monthly Global and Local Outreach Gatherings to pray for and share updates about our ministry partners around the globe.

We partnered with Mobilize Love's After School Program every Wednesday at Belle Air Elementary School to serve snacks, read, and lead games with students.

We served alongside City Impact during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Summer to deliver meals and care for the residents in San Francisco's Tenderloin.

We’ve given over $82,529 to 13 Global and Local
Outreach Partners spanning 8 countries

Our community care fund which supported over 200 families with meals and rent assistance, and specific needs of partners near and far.

Global Partners:


Local Partners:


Christmas Eve Offering:


Community Care:




Jesus’ Kingdom is bigger
than our church

We boldly support and innovate alongside other organizations and churches, seeking unity in order to point others toward the Gospel for cultural impact.

Pray The Bay x New North Night Of Worship.

At Christmas, we donated $11,000 to each of our local college ministries: Cru and Intervarsity at SF State. And $20,000 to church planters in Northern India through Friends of India Network.

At wintertime, our church partnered with Help One Child’s Giving Tree program to bless 180 foster children in San Francisco with Christmas gifts.

Last Spring, we gave $9,000 to specific needs of our partners in Sri Lanka, Uganda and Bangladesh. God is moving in these areas and hundreds of people are being baptised.

We sent a team of 15 people to serve with Footsteps Missions in the Gardens of Love and Hope in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Our team brought 15 large tubs filled with medical, dental and school supplies for kids.

Ceci Johnson

Honduras Go Trip Member

God took a group of strangers, gelled us, and now we’re best friends. It didn't matter if you couldn’t speak Spanish or do a certain skill, it’s if you had an open and willing heart.


Contribution by Type

General Offering


Ministry Income


Community Life




Total Non-restricted Income


Last Fiscal Year Total


Restricted Income

Now More Than Ever Campaign


OTHER Restricted Income

Community Care


Christmas Eve Giving


Student Scholarship Fund


Dream Fund


Minister’s Housing Fund


Total Restricted Income


Last Fiscal Year Total


2022/2023 Expense Summary

Staffing & Benefits


Facilities & Operations




Administrative & Services


Campus/Digital Ops & Comms


Ministry & Leadership


Community Life




Worship & Creative


Leadership, Development & Culture


Local & Global Outreach


Total Expenses


laST Fiscal Year Total


Ministry & Leadership Expenses


Leadership, Development and Culture


Worship & Creative




Community Life


Local & Global Outrech



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