Impact Report

2021 - 2022 Fiscal Year

Global and Local Outreach

We’ve given over $169,000 to 13 Global and Local Outreach Partners spanning 8 countries, our community care fund which supported over 200 families with meals and rent assistance, and local organizations that serve our community through our Christmas Eve Offering.



Christmas Eve Offering:


Community Care:


Total Giving:


Community Care Service Projects


Hosted a summer festival for Belle Air Elementary serving close to 300 of our San Bruno neighbors through fun and providing for basic needs

Project 02

We partnered with our Global Outreach partner, Bonita Thompson and Home of New Beginnings in Thailand to aid 40-50 girls in learning skills to become self-sufficient

Project 03

We sent emergency relief to aid the Tongan Community and the Ukraine

Project 04

We partnered with City Impact during their Christmas Outreach to serve residents in the Tenderloin

Steps in Faith

11 People Attended Alpha

25% growth in our volunteer teams year over year

127 people filled out connections cards

14 people attended Next Steps

15 people were baptized

Jeremyhann Pascual

I was sick and tired of waiting for bad things in life as a reason to come to God so I impulsively made the decision to dive right in and declare my commitment to God and proclaim my personal relationship with Him in front of the church. New North is a big reason why my relationship with God is something that I value higher than all things on earth now. The entire community makes me feel welcome by the way they treat me and are open to who I am! Once I was shy in sharing about what I believed, but now I can come to my savior broken knowing he died for me and still loves me. Baptism gave me the confidence to live out my faith…

Jeremy’s Story

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Worshiping Together

Our production team helped our online community worship from home

404 people on average, attended our Church Online Services

316 people on average, attended our in-person Sunday Services

50 people on average volunteered with our ministry teams on Sundays

Tim Drisdelle

Worship & Creative Pastor

This year brought a refreshed commitment to gathering, and has renewed our sense of depth and awareness of God's presence as the body comes together for worship. At the same time we also continue to serve people well online with a heart to reach more in the bay area and beyond. We saw many come back to church in person, and continue to see many new people discover New North Church for the first time.

Teaching Series

We’ve gone through 7 teaching series within the last 12 months together.

Rebuild: Lessons from 2 Corinthians
A series focused on the letter to the Church in Corinth to remind us of God’s power through weakness, grow us in unity, inspire our generosity, and encourage us to live life in light of the cross.

Fear Not - Advent w/ New North
A series that examines the main characters of the christmas story and how they all point to the peace, hope, love and Joy Jesus brings.

A Place At The Table
A series meant to give us an intimate look of who Jesus is and his last words to his disciples before his crucifixion in John 13-17.

Gospel Culture
Acts A series that explores the implication and importance of embodying the Gospel according to the book of Acts.

The Pursuit Of ____
An Easter message reminding us that Jesus is pursuing us.

Rob Hall

Lead Pastor

As I look back over this year, in terms of preaching, one of the things I am most thankful for is our amazing preaching team. Very few churches have a deep bench of qualified preachers beyond the Lead Pastor but we are blessed with several! I love working with our preaching team and appreciate their insight into the Scriptures. When you get a moment, make sure to thank them for teaching us the Word of God.

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Community Life


Women attend Women's Bible Study


Men attended Men’s Fraternit


Mothers participated in MOPS


Full community groups

Abby’s Story

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Abby Thomson

“A few months ago, I was on my way to meet a friend when I got into a car accident. My nose was broken, my car totaled, and I was completely overwhelmed to say the least. I still am in awe of the way people from my small group showed up for me. From dropping off food, sharing pups to cheer me up, and frequent check-ins, I was overwhelmed by all the love and support. They demonstrated God’s genuine love and kindness to me. Coming to church weekly, and taking the step into further community reminded me that I was not meant to live life alone. I still can’t imagine my life without my community group, and thank God every chance I get for them.” 

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62 Men attended our Men’s Retreat.

We hosted 2 summer picnics with over 100 attendees

We launched our Young Adult Ministry with 55 attendees.

We created a Leader Initiative to equip 80 of our Community Life Leaders to better love and serve people around them.

Matt Janc

Community Group Member

CG is the perfect atmosphere to allow God and the Holy Spirit to work in your life. It has allowed me to grow in different ways than I could have on my own. When you cultivate vulnerability with Godly relationships, I've seen authentic and intentional accountability and fellowship grow.



Students went through the Alpha youth series


Families dedicated their babies


Students and 15 parents went through our Christian sexuality course

Our team and volunteers provided support and connection through:

Movie Days, Great America Days, the Big Game Party, Trunk or Treat, Park Days, volunteer opportunities at both Belle Air Elementary and with SF City Impact

Willie Skinner

Student Ministries Pastor

This past year was amazing. We officially kicked off our generations ministry in-person at our location in SF. This allowed us to officially have a consistent form of discipleship for our students on Sundays and at Life Groups on Wednesdays. For the first time since the pandemic we were able to take 16 high schoolers to summer camp at Hume Lake! This was so impactful for our ministry from a spiritual standpoint as they learned the story of Moses and how to hear from God. Relationally so many bonds of friendship were formed that continue to exist to this day. We couldn’t be more excited about what God has done and continue to do in our High School and Middle School ministry.

Sundays with New North Students and 9am + 11:15am

High School Summer Camp at Hume Lake

Trunk or Treat at our San Francisco Campus

Sundays with New North Kids

Park Days with Teacher Sam

Sam Cerdena

Kids Director

The new normal in New North Kids meant a lot of new and returning families getting acquainted and comfortable at our San Francisco campus. While Park Days continued, it was great seeing kids and families back on site in full force in our Sunday School classes! We also had more events that encouraged our families to get up and get out as we celebrated both at the campus, and through different group and volunteer opportunities in our community. We are excited to have built what we did this past year to help us as we plan and look forward to different and even bigger things as we grow together


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